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100% more songs and 99% more women

Notflix was created by self confessed improv nerd Sarah Spencer, who founded WFTC Improv back in 2014. Having taught musical improv to students for more years than she cares to remember, Sarah decided to put her money where her mouth is and quit teaching to create a show. She auditioned Holly Mallett and Ailis Duff and three elevenths of Notflix was complete. Clare Buckingham and Aisling Groves McKeown came next, followed swiftly by Emma Read - at which point the Avengers were assembled, pausing only to grab our metaphorical Ant Man and the Wasp Vicky Hitchin and Emily Jane Kerr. As in all good franchises, that was not the end, as the recent casting of Isabelle Glinn, Lauren Ingram and Alice Weliminsky Smith gave us our Wandvison-style reboot.

And that is Notflix history.

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In all seriousness though, Notflix was one of the very first all-female improvised musicals, setting out not just to get our voices heard in a male dominated field, but to show that women do it better. When Notflix was created, the idea that a group of women could stand together onstage, make it up and be genuinely funny, seemed a novelty. We relish the fact that this is now the norm and that we have blazed a trail for others to follow.

Over the years, Notflix has received numerous accolades in the national media, has a following of beloved fans and tours up and down the UK. Our first ten years planted the seeds for what we can do, the next ten will see us grow into something incredible.

Notflix. Because everything is better as a musical

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